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Description: Metaverse Mario Kart Racing Game with a Parkour mode as well.

Coords: 103,-144

Twitter Handle: Vroomwayio



White Papers/Design Docs:

DCL Grant:

Grant Status: Paased

Review: Building on the work of Bence Varga and Infinity Engine, nothing released in 2022 had me more excited for the future of Decentraland.

The only thing holding this game back are the limitations of DCL itself and I can't wait to see them really put the pedal to the floor as Decentraland continues to imrpove and optimize for gaming.

Can you say, "controller support?"

About Me

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Through this website, I hope to shine a light on the talented people building fun things in Decentraland and help wash away the stigma of NFTs in many gamers' eyes.

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