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Top 5 Mythic Items in Decentraland

Possession of a mythic item should evoke a sense of pride, accomplishment, and prestige. An article worthy of a champion, a reward for a once-in-a-lifetime quest pulled from a dragon's horde.

We all play games for fun, and the only more fun than strapping on your Mythic Armor and single-handedly facing an enemy army; is looking fantastic while you do it.

Today we break down the top 5 Mythic Items of Decentraland Gaming. The list will only include Polygon items and must have in-game benefits. That means no Wonder Bot and no Decentral Games Mythic sweatshirts.

#1 Wilderness

Wilderness has worked with some of my favorite creators in Decentraland, making fantastic wearables.

While I have never been good enough at Wilderness to earn any of the Mythic items available to earn in-game, I think Wilderness has done a great job of balancing rewarding gameplay while leveraging only a few Mythic items to generate revenue via direct selling on the marketplace.

Outside of the items available on the Decentraland Marketplace, the only way to acquire a Wilderness wearable is to earn WLDY playing and use it to Mint them.

You can rock Wilderness gear in any RPG and fit right in.

Find out more at

#2 Knights of Antrom

I was going to put Knights of Antrom into 1st place, since the Royal Knight and Montra Marauder are the picture-perfect example of what I want in a Fantasy RPG mythic item. You look badass and you feel powerful when you use them.

There is, however, one additional KoA Mythic set... and you can call me a grinch if you want, but it's absurd. I'm just not trying to put on my antlers before entering the Dragon's Lair.

The other mark against KoA mythics is that all items have only been available on the secondary market and cannot be earned in-game. Making a game isn't free, and submitting DCL wearables, the reward of choice of DCL gamers, costs MANA, so it's a perfectly reasonable way to raise revenue. But, in a perfect world, all the best items would be available in the game at first.

As long as you keep your attire seasonal, you are going to look like a badass wearing Knights of Antrom Mythics

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#3 WonderZone

The WonderZone mythic might be the hardest mythic items in DCL to earn and among the most sought-after.

I can't deny that the release of these wearables got me playing WonderMine 2-3x as often.

The main thing working against these two items are how hard it will be to find a worthy pair of paints and shoes to go with them.

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#4 Golf Craft

The only reason I didn't rank these items higher is that you can only look like a badass Golfer in so many locations without seeming out of place.

Undeniably, this fit is exactly what I want to wear when I step up to the tee.

Find out more at

#5 ButterFlyPrawn Farms

Is there anything more mythical than a Golden Goose?

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