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The Metaverse just got a lot bigger.

Decentraland Worlds: No limits on size!

Photo courtesy Knights of Antrom

The 4-parcel limit has been removed! Worlds can now be as your imagination... and server space.

While it is true that creators and devs will now be able to push Decentraland Worlds builds bigger than ever before. They still need to work within the 100 MB file limit per World.

It is only a matter of time before some enterprising creators build a labyrinth of interconnected worlds, creating a meta-verse experience that was simply impossible before yesterday.

There are mixed feelings about this change throughout the community. Still, given the minority of people who are actual Decentraland landowners, it is hard to find anyone willing to argue that this isn't in the best interest of Decentraland and the majority of people trying to innovate in the space.

With so much of the existing Land in the control of such a relatively small group of people, it severely limited people's ability to build and experiment in Decentraland. Now all you need to have to start building in DCL is a name.

While a parcel of Land can go for thousands of dollars, minting a name is 100-mana, which at the time of writing is $70.

This will super charge DCL Gaming, and I can't wait to see what all the current and future builders do with Decentraland Worlds.

If you want to learn more about creating your own World, has fantastic documentation.

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