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Description: RPG

Coords: -62,30

Twitter Handle: MetaTempleGame

Website: NA

Discord: NA

White Papers/Design Docs:

DCL Grant:

Grant Status: Passed


I only gave this game a chance for two reasons:

  1. I run a website dedicated to DCL gaming.

More importantly

2. Doki made their sword and shield wearables that you can earn by playing (not pictured)

While sharing many similiarities to other, existing, DCL RPG style games Temple has some nice innovations, first DCL boxing I've ever done, and some polish on existing mechanics.

I really enjoy there free for all approach to farming.

If you are an RPG fan or thinking of making one in DCL, make sure you give this a play.

About Me

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Through this website, I hope to shine a light on the talented people building fun things in Decentraland and help wash away the stigma of NFTs in many gamers' eyes.

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