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Metaverse Backpack Co

Updated: Sep 26

Metaverse Backpack Co, from the team at Creator Labs, is the perfect project for any gamer or fashion-minded Metaverse enthusiast. Having already announced partnering with some of the most talented and beloved artists in Decentraland, they are only getting started. Not only will owners receive new wearables every month, but every owner will also have a chance to win exclusive 1-of-1s and historic collectibles like Decentraland layer-one wearables or the Otherside's Blue Helmet.

Not only will regularly get you to get new wearables for a minimum of 3 years, but Metaverse Backpack Co is creating a backpack you can wear wherever you go, in real life, across platforms and projects. As part of participating in the mint, you will also be able to claim a physical backpack that will be linked to your NFT.

Based out of Trinidad and Tobago, the team at Creator Labs has been working with artists, designers, and brands since 2021, helping guide them through the rocky waters of web3 and making their vision into a metaverse reality. With a focus on Decentraland, some of Creator Labs' accomplishments include hosting Caribbean Metaverse Art Week at One Caribbean Plaza (40,-40) and working with artists to achieve multiple soldout lines of wearables during Metaverse Fashion Week.

The Team

Stephen Hadeed Jr - @StevoTrinidad - the Creative Director at Creator Labs, has been an active member of web3 since he first started mining BTC in 2012. He collected his first NFT in 2017, and has spoken at NFT NYC multiple times, most recently in 2023.

Stephanie Telemaque - @stephtelemaque - the Art Director at Creator Labs, has worked around the world designing and building international brands in New York, Mexico, Italy, and the Caribbean.

Christian Telemaque - @HaroldTelemaque - the Partnership Lead for Creator Labs, started in the traditional Web 2 business development and marketing world but has been fully immersed in Web 3 since 2021 when he purchased his Bored Ape, one he is still diamond-handing.


Metaverse Backpack Co has already announced collaborations with

Nikki Fuego, the top-selling creator during Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, has appeared in Forbes, Vogue, and NBC articles.

Hiroto Kai is a Decentraland icon, community favorite, and the 4th highest-grossing wearable creator on the Decentraland Marketplace.

DoctorDripp is among the coolest mfers in Decentraland and just a super nice person.

Mint Details

Mint Date - Live at

Mint Cost - 0.111 ETH

Collection Size: 3333

Rarity: Unique, Mythic, Legendary, and Epic


With their vision and dedication to creating an immersive and fashion-forward experience, Metaverse Backpack Co is set to become a must-have item for gamers and Metaverse enthusiasts. Partnering with incredible artists and including exclusive and historic collectibles, there will be something for everyone.

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