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Introducing VIPE Heroes

When I first heard about the Vipe Heroes mint, I wasn't interested. Much like any NFT-buying degenerate, I've participated in my fair share of mints. Unlike many of my fellow NFT-buying degenerates, I have never minted an NFT that has gone on to sell out and take a rocket ship to the moon. However, I wouldn't be the NFT-buying degen that I am if I was able to resist the calls of FOMO. ("fear of missing out" for the civilized members of society who have stumbled on to this article)

What exactly was I afraid I was going to miss out on?

The virtual world is becoming an integral part of our lives, and the need for personalized digital identities is greater than ever. Enter VIPE Heroes, the groundbreaking Genesis 3D PFP VRM Interoperable Avatar Collection by Polygonal Mind.

Now, that's a lot of buzzwords, and it can be easy to lose focus. How often has an NFT project claimed to be offering you a "groundbreaking" product but then just sold you a jpeg that let you overpay for a hoodie? Not Vipe, this revolutionary project empowers digital creators and gamers by offering 5,000 unique avatars that can be fully customized and owned using VRM and blockchain technologies.

That means that as soon as you mint your Vipe Hero at, you will have access to the files needed to customize your Hero, use it across the Metaverse, or start streaming immediately. And if you are concerned that you will need technical expertise to enjoy the interoperability, the team has you covered.

Having already set up a one-click connection to Monaverse, the team at Polygonal Mind are committed to expanding these offerings across the Metaverse to include as many projects as possible so that the only thing standing between you and your Vipe from exploring the Metaverse is your desire.

With the public minting starting on Monday, June 12th, it's time to explore the exciting features and opportunities that VIPE Heroes brings to the table.

Unleash Your Creativity with VIPE Heroes:

VIPE Heroes perfectly fuses artistic expertise and technological innovation in the NFT space. Drawing inspiration from classic anime aesthetics, these avatars boast visually striking designs characterized by angular forms, stylized features, and exaggerated expressions. The vibrant and highly saturated color palette, featuring neons, phosphors, and eye-catching shades, adds a touch of excitement to each avatar.

I'll admit, I didn't love the art style when I first saw it, I'm not big into anime, and I still think that the PFPs (profile pictures) are the least appealing part of the project.

The PFPs just don't do the 3D art justice.

Customization is at the heart of VIPE Heroes, with 13 distinct trait families and five mood options for users to personalize their avatars. From skin tone and face shape to clothing choices such as tops, bottoms, and shoes, the possibilities for creating unique combinations are endless. Your mood selection will define the thumbnail pose, allowing you to express yourself even further in the virtual realm.

Rarities and Legendary Avatars:

VIPE Heroes introduces a unique rarity system, where the combination of traits determines the rarity of your avatar. Traits are linked to colors, ranging from less rare (Grey and Green) to more rare (Blue, Purple, and Orange). The amalgamation of rarities will ultimately define the absolute rarity of your Hero, be it Blue, Purple, or Orange.

But that's not all - fortune may favor you with a Legendary Hero. These exclusive avatars possess traits found nowhere else, making them truly unique. Represented by colors such as Blue, Green, Red, Pink, and Golden, these Legendary avatars are the epitome of rarity and prestige.

At the time of writing, two of the Legendary Avatars have been minted, with one going on to sell for 1.6eth.

Minting Process and Opportunities:

Excitingly, the public minting phase for VIPE Heroes is set to commence on Monday, June 12th. With a mint cost of 0.03eth, the minting process is simple and accessible. By connecting your Ethereum Wallet to the VIPE website, you can mint your very own Hero.

The mint process itself is innovative and, some would say, addictive in ways I have not seen before. Every mint I've participated in up until now has been more akin to buying a lottery ticket where you have no agency and little more than hope when it comes to getting something that you are going to resonate with.

When you got to mint a Vipe at, you don't just send your Ethereum into the ether and hope you get something you like. No, when you go to, you will generate a random Hero from a pool of 10s of thousands. If you don't like it, you hit "reroll" until you find one you do.

Moreover, by minting a VIPE Hero, you gain access to a fully interoperable avatar with commercial IP rights. This means you can enjoy the freedom to customize and control your virtual persona across various digital realms. As a Hero holder, you will receive exclusive early access to premium features, participate in co-creation opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve with future drops.

Join the Avatar Revolution:

VIPE Heroes is not just a genesis collection; it represents a bold step towards decentralization, interoperability, and customization in the virtual world. The project aims to continually evolve by incorporating new features and compensating its loyal community. With plans to expand the Minting and Distribution options in the coming months, VIPE Heroes is set to become the go-to platform for avatar and digital creators.

The team behind VIPE Heroes is dedicated to providing user-friendly tools for avatar creation and customization. Even without technical knowledge, you can effortlessly design and modify avatars, ensuring that your digital self reflects your unique personality and style.

Looking ahead, VIPE Heroes has ambitious plans for additional features, including NFT integration, animations, and augmented reality (AR) compatibility. By being an early adopter and supporter of VIPE Heroes, you have the opportunity to shape the future of this exciting project and be at the forefront of the avatar revolution.

VIPE Heroes is poised to redefine the way we express ourselves in the digital realm. With its exceptional collection of 5,000 customizable avatars, this platform empowers users to truly own their digital identities. The public minting phase for VIPE Heroes starts on Monday, June 12th, so mark your calendars and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Visit the VIPE website, connect your Ethereum Wallet, and be among the first to mint your unique Hero. Take advantage of this chance to join a vibrant community of digital enthusiasts, gain access to exclusive features, and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, embrace your individuality, and become part of the VIPE Heroes movement. The future of digital identity awaits!

Disclaimer: Please don't buy anything you can't afford because some random person with a pixel art bird pfp told you it was a good idea.

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