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Infinity Engine


Coords: -71,-38

Twitter Handle: bence_m_varga

Website: NA

Discord: NA

White Papers/Design Docs: NA

DCL Grant: NA

Grant Status: NA


It has been suggested that I am prone to hyperbole and grandiose statements when discussing Decentraland games. I am not doing either of those things when I say Bence M Varga's work on the Infinity Engine and contributions to DCL is the bedrock Decentraland gaming is being built on.

Infinity Engine was playable in early 2020, and nothing close to its level of animation and sense of scale was created for over a year. Those that have used the technology Bence pioneered to create a more dynamic Decentraland experience.

Literally a piece of Decentraland history and if you've never played it you are making a mistake.

About Me

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Through this website, I hope to shine a light on the talented people building fun things in Decentraland and help wash away the stigma of NFTs in many gamers' eyes.

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