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Gimme The Loot!

Whether you have a stack of eth and a million in the bank, or just a connection to the internet, you probably enjoy getting free stuff. Especially free stuff you can sell.

"Gimme The Loot!" will be the weekly post where I don't waste your time with why I love the project or why you should be excited about it. I'm just going to tell you where to get some badass NFTs or free Mana.

ButterflyPrawn Farm

Event Name/Theme: Alphabet Hunt

Start Date: January 20th

End Date: Ends when 15 people have completed the challenge

Prizes: Stat Boosting wearables and Emotes

Details: ButterflyPrawn Farms does LiveOps events better and more consistently than any other project in Decentraland.

Anyone can participate in this event by growing Golden Peppers, but if you've unlocked or purchased on secondary the Digging emotes, you will have additional chances to earn letters.

Knights of Antrom

Event Name/Theme: New Dungeon Difficulties with New Rewards

Start Date: January 18th

End Date: When Items run out or 3-6 months, whichever ends first

Prizes: Stat Boosting Legendary or Epic Axe, depending on difficulty.

Details: Knights of Antrom is one of my 2022 freshmen favorites, and I'm excited to see how they continue to build a fantastic user experience.

KoA does a great job of keeping the community engaged and excited by incorporating LiveOps and NFT rewards into its iterative design process. No one makes it easier to earn badass wearables in Decentraland.


Event Name/Theme: The first 8MetaPawns trial PvP Tournament

Start Date: January 14th [Registration is Closed]

End Date: Semi-Finals are scheduled, and Finals should be before the end of January.

Prizes: 1st Place - 70Mana, all participants received

Details: Unlike the other events listed, you can no longer enter this event, but I like what the team is doing over at 8MetaPawns, and anyone who has ever enjoyed a game of chess should show them some love.


Event Name/Theme: Doki Sword and Shield

Start Date: January 7th

End Date: While Supplies Last

Prizes: Epic, Doki-made Shield, and Sword.

Details: Technically, this isn't a "LiveOps Event," BUT, as far as I'm concerned, the chance to get a Free Doki-made wearable is an Event, and people need to know.

ICE Poker

Event Name/Theme: Diamond Hand City Thursday

Start Date: January 26th, 7 pm EST (Midnight UTC)

End Date: The event lasts 4-6 hours.

Prizes: 250-2000+ xDG, Decentral Games governance token.

Details: This weekly event is available to all ICE Poker players with at least one level 5 item.

Live music.

Bad opponents.

A degens dream.

If that isn't enough, they have an escalating Bad Beat Jackpot for anyone who loses with Quads.

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Through this website, I hope to shine a light on the talented people building fun things in Decentraland and help wash away the stigma of NFTs in many gamers' eyes.

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