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Decentraland DAO Revokes BeatTrekkers Grant!

Decentraland's Revocation Committee has decided to revoke a $186,500 grant aimed at a multi-platform entertainment series designed to elevate DCL brand awareness. This decision follows a request by the Grant Support Squad (GSS) to re-evaluate the grant's legitimacy and impact.

The grant in question, categorized under "In-World Content," initially aimed to produce an array of entertainment content to draw users into the Decentraland ecosystem. According to the provided metrics, the project successfully hosted 3 concerts, 36 BassTrekkers, 22 Pre Shows, 23 Post Shows, 55 Main Shows, and housed 24 guest hosts and 17 streamers, totaling 180 activities.

However, despite the sheer volume of content produced, the number of active users garnered by BeatTrekkers was a mere 866. This translates to a significant active user cost of $96.95, calculated based on the total grant amount of $83,470.49.

While the cost per user might raise eyebrows, the crux of the revocation revolves around the grantee's lack of clarity in their proposal metrics. It appears the grantee misaligned their key performance indicators (KPI) with the In-World Content Category Specific Assessments.

The committee emphasized that the ambiguous definition of "target audience size" in the proposal led to misinterpretation. However, after thoroughly reviewing the grant proposal form and community expectations, the committee concluded that the "target audience size" unequivocally refers to in-world users.

Contrary to the grantee's claim of high social media reach, the Revocation Committee pointed out that the grantee primarily achieved this through paid campaigns, resulting in low conversion to engaged followers or in-world users. This is evident from the grantee's main Twitter account, which boasts only 350 followers.

In light of these findings, the committee has put forth several recommendations. Firstly, they urge the grantee, @MetaTrekkers, to draft a new proposal for the remaining grant amount. This proposal should clearly define achievable goals and focus on drawing users into the Decentraland ecosystem. Additionally, the Grant Support Squad has been advised to explicitly state that the "target audience size" refers to in-world users for grants within the "in-world content" category.

In conclusion, while the revocation of such a significant grant is unfortunate, it serves as a reminder of the rigorous checks and balances in place within the Decentraland DAO system. It underscores the importance of clarity, alignment with community goals, and ensuring value for money in the dynamic world of decentralized governance.

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