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DCL Tier List: Fantasy RPGs

Starting this week with fantasy-themed RPGs, will post a weekly Decentraland Gaming-focused tier list.

To the people who ask:

Do you need to rank projects and pit DCL builders against each other?

I am incredibly happy for you and your elevated state of being. Still, most of us aren't at that level of self-actualization, and people love arbitrary and reductive lists.

These are the subjective thoughts of a single individual. The list of reasons to dismiss my opinion is infinitely longer than the list of reasons to consider these words gospel, so don't forget to do your own research and form your own opinions. No, reading one blog or 100 tweets doesn't count as "DYOR."


When looking at a DCL game, two main categories impact my overall sentiment about the project: Innovation and experience.


Is the project pushing Decentraland gaming forward? Great graphics and flawless UI/UX are fantastic, but doing something new in Decentraland I couldn't do the day before always gets me excited.


Is the game fun?

Does it look good and have smooth controls?

How hard is the game to understand?

Do they have regular events?

Would I tell my web2 friend about this?

No matter how objective I try to be, there is going to be personal bias. It's impossible to confidently say I've given a fair and objective review, when I have varying degrees of personal relationships with most of the creators throughout DCL.

It is important to note that these grades are using a Bell Curve and my subjective opinion, and just because something lands in the "D-tier" doesn't mean it isn't going to be the perfect game for many people.


Knights of Antrom

It looks good, it feels good, and they are building out experiences you can't do anywhere else. Go play it now. 144,-7



No one has pushed Real-Time combat like Wilderness has over the last year. I would have put them in S-tier if I wasn't deducting points to make sure I'm not biased since I do Twitter Spaces with ney reasonably regularly.

They are among those leading the pack in making new things to do in DCL. With baking, potion brewing, and a platform runner, to compliment the real-time combat, once they are done polishing the game modes they have, it will be impossible to deny them their place in the S-tier.



I love the way they set up their farming mechanic. It's unlike any other farming games in Decentraland and gives you a little more freedom in your approach to building your garden.

The boxing is fun and something new to DCL.

They have a strong foundation and I look forward to seeing them move up the ranks in the coming months.



I like the art style and find the fishing to be peaceful. I look forward to digging deeper into the world they are building. They've done a great job of creating a fantasy world.


Soul Magic

It's cute, and I could see it appealing to a particular type of gamer, but it's not my style, and I don't feel like they've added anything new to the Decentraland Gaming ecosystem.

I forgot to include Soul Magic in my first batch of posts linking to every game in DCL... So keep an eye out for a post breaking down where to find all things Soul Magic.



It's a Meme at this point, but if there is a chance to put Exodus: GoodBye World at the bottom of the ranking, I will take it.

If you enjoy grindy games that you can play in another window while you work, this is probably perfect for you, but it just isn't for me.

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